Canycom brushcutter in action

Lawncare Garden Machinery have taken delivery of our very first Canycom machine after recently being appointed as specialist dealers for ICB Plant & Machinery Ltd.

With superior design, and unmatched stability on slopes, these amazing machines can tackle extreme terrain easily. The unique differential locks mean that they can climb and traverse country that will make even a 4WD tractor nervous. An extremely low operator position means you can safely cut around obstacles and under low hanging trees, whilst giving a low centre of gravity.

Canycom Samurai Logo
Canycom Brushcutter
Canycom CMX 227

Canycom Samurai Brushcutters

The super hard working Canycom all terrain ride-on mower performs in conditions that would usually destroy standard equipment, safely and effortlessly.
The Canycom has the ability to plough straight on through overgrown long grass, brush and broom that a normal mower would stall on, thanks to the shaft driven deck and flail blade system. Just imagine - no more belt hassles!

The Canycom is a Stable and Compact, Shaft driven mower for long grass and shrubs.

Take a look at the video below!

If you're looking to buy one of these powerful machines, come in store or ring to find out more.