Front Cut & Zero Turns

Front cuts and zero turns

Front Cuts

Front cut machines are fantastic flexible tools. With articulated steering, the rear wheels follow the front, making them extremely easy to use. Our front cut ride-on lawn mowers all have a front-mounted cutting-deck. They will give you a complete overview of the working area, allowing you to trim edges and reach into corners. The cutting deck also offers the versatility of two cutting systems. The pedals enable you to control speed and direction with both hands on the steering wheel, you’ll be fully in charge of your ride-on front mower.

Zero Turns

Zero turn mowers are a preferred choice among landscape contractors and homeowners alike. When you have a lot of ground to cover and productivity is key, a zero turn mower is the best choice.

stiga front cut
stiga fron cut titan


By far the most popular front cuts Stiga offer the greatest range to choose from. For the smaller garden the Villa range offer outstanding value for money. For larger areas the Park range of 2WD and 4WD machines can also use a variety of implements making them extremely versatile tools.

Stiga also offer a range of Combi cutting decks that can be attached/removed from the front for your machine depending on the task in hand.

ariens zero turn
ariens zero turn

Ariens zero turns can cut your mowing time in half as the infinitely higher maneuverability allow for much faster mowing speed than normal ride-ons. Despite the lack of a steering wheel the handles are extremely easy to get used to, as long as you can drive a shopping trolley you can drive an zero turn. Push the handles forward to go forward and pull the handles back to go in reverse. The key to driving in a straight line is to assure the same amount of pressure is applied to each lever. To turn right, simply push the left handle forward. To turn left, push the right handle forward. Bringing the handles back to a neutral position will stop the machine. Most people become comfortable with the way it handles after just a few times mowing their lawn.

Ariens machines also have the added bonus of having many attachments you can add on such as: dump cart, spreader, aerator, dethatcher, roller, sprayer and more! This turns your standard zero turn into a real multi-use piece of kit.

toro zero turn


Toro zero turns offer a range of machines that come either with a steering wheel or with handles. Now you can have your tractor and your zero-turn too. Toro’s innovative mowers are the perfect blend of both. You get the controls and side hill stability of a tractor with the maneuverability and time savings of a zero-turn mower. The ease of use with these machines mean you'll find it very easy to adapt to even if you have not used one before. If you are not sure if these would be right for you ask our experienced staff for a demonstration. 

Kubota Logo
kubota zero turn
kubota front cut


Kubota offer a range of both front cut and zero turn mowers giving you our customers a fantastic selection to choose from. Kubota's outstanding zero turn mowers combine exceptional maneuverability with the innovative Kubota Glidecut cut and collect system.

Available in both 2WD and 4WD the front cut range are designed to deal with UK grass growing conditions, few mowers are better suited to face the high demands placed upon groundsmen, greenkeepers and landscape contractors by our unpredictable climate. The compact design provides maneuverability in tight corners where larger front mowers cannot go.