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What is Aspen Fuel?

Aspen Fuel is an alkylate petrol, making it a cleaner burning source of gasoline for your equipment and machinery. Aspen Fuel will ensure greater performance and a longer lifespan from your machines. Aspen Fuel is a very environmentally clean fuel source and is recommended by many engine manufacturers due to its use of alkylate. Alkylate petrol contains 99% less harmful emissions than standard petrol varieties and Aspen Fuel is no exception, with both the Aspen 2 and Aspen 4 varieties producing low odours as they are nearly from all aromatics.

Why choose Aspen?

Alkalate fuels are becoming the go-to choice for garden machinery and equipment, and Aspen Fuels are the cleanest on the market today. They are good both for the environment, you and your machines as they contain little to no aromatics, meaning you won’t be surrounded by and breathing in harmful odourous gases. Furthermore, Aspen Fuel is ethanol free which will greatly benefit your machines in the long run. Alkylate petrol has the additional benefit of a long shelf-life and Aspen Fuel is storable for up to 5 years, a much longer lifespan than that of regular petrol. While it may be a more expensive choice initially, over time and being able to store fuel through the Winter it will become a much more cost-effective source of fuel for you and your equipment.

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Aspen 2 or Aspen 4?

Aspen 2 and Aspen 4 have the same environmentally-concious and clean fuel benefits; both are virtually free from aromatics, entirely ethanol free, will start in your machines easily without the need to drain the engine over time and produce little odour when in use. However they have important differences that set them apart both from each other and from standard fuels..

Aspen 2

Is suitably for air-cooled 2 stroke engines and comes pre-mixed in a 50:1 ratio of fully synthetic oil. It can be used in a variety of machines as you would expect, such as lawnmowers and chainsaws.

Aspen 4

Is a fully alkylate petrol and is the definitive cleanest petrol you could use in your machinery. Aspen 4 is suitable for all 4-stroke engine powered machines, perfect for more powerful lawn mowers and various other machines. It can even be used for camping equipment.

Aspen 2 1Litre
Aspen 2 5 Litre
Aspen 4 1Litre
Aspen 4 5 Litre

Making the switch to an alkylate fuel is beneficial all round; more bang for your buck, a cleaner environment and healthier air around you as you work. There’s no reason not to switch now as Aspen Fuel can even be safely mixed with any regular fuel remaining in your machines’ tanks with no adverse effects. To view the full range of Aspen products click here.