Tractor Accessories

Countax garden tractor scarifier

At Lawncare, as well as our large range of garden tractors and ride on mowers, we also provide a whole host of accessories to go with them. Our attachments can greatly increase the utility of your machine, adding a host of new uses for it with the right accessory. We offer fantastic prices and can off discounts greater than those found online!

We supply:

  • Trailers
  • Rollers
  • Scarifiers
  • Aerators
  • Broadcasters/Spreaders


As one of the most popular accessories we supply trailers of all shapes and sizes, coming in plastic, metal and wooden variations. For moving soil, compost, gravel or plant waste a trailer can drastically reduce your workload. Dumping trailers are particularly useful as they offer the larger capacity without needing to unload the contents by hand.

Garden Tractor Trailer
Garden Tractor roller


Our rollers are suitable for use on both turf and soil surfaces, and are a very useful garden tool. The teeth separate compacted dirt and soil, allowing for nutrients to more easily pass through and fill the soil. Rollers are also for the removal of flood water or draining saturated land as the holes will allow for the water to travel deeper into the ground. Our rollers are perfect for cultivating your own healthy and nutritious soil, perfect for encouraging grass and plant growth.


Scarifiers are an excellent tool to improve the quality of both your grass and soil. The scarifiers will remove any thatch and moss from your grass like an exfoliation for your lawn, making it more resistant to various problems and diseases as well as drought. Your lawn will become healthier and susceptible to any fertilisers or pest control products you may use. We have a variety of different scarifiers to choose from so that you can find the one perfect for you.

Garden Tractor scarifier
Garden Tractor aerator


Aerators are typically used during Autumn and Spring, to break apart and penetrate dry or mossy grass and allow further air and nutrient penetration deep within the soil. Drainage will be improved across your lawn, saving the headache of wet Winters and preparing your land for a new season of growth. The weight of our aerators is variable to allow for a deeper penetration of the land. Aerators are a must have for anyone looking to grow a vast amount of crops or other plant life, decreasing hugely any manual workload in preparing your land to yield some crops.


An excellent, essential tool for spreading large quantities of seed and fertilizer across your lawn. Our selection of broadcasters allow you to choose one to best suit your needs, with varying capacities and spread types such as rotary and drop spreaders. Rotary spreaders are generally preferred as their cover is more consistent. Drop spreaders tend to be more difficult to use, with the need to be speed-conscious being a major factor in their spread, but are perfect for smaller areas. Spreaders are extremely efficient in covering a large area of lawn quickly and easily.

Garden Tractor broadcaster