Rotavators & Scarifiers

rotavators, scarifiers and shredders


Similar to Tillers or Cultivators we have a comprehensive range of Rotavators to choose from. Much more efficient than hand held tools, Rotavators are ideal for preparing the soil ahead of laying down turf, seeding or planting. Breaking up the soil helps to aerate it, accelerating plant growth. This also exposes insects to birds on the surface and has the added benefit of enhancing soil drainage. It is strongly recommended that you use a tool such as a Rotavator before turfing or seeding your garden to get the best possible results.


Scarification is the process of removing thatch, or dead plant matter, from you lawn. This undergrowth can have a negative effect on your lawn, preventing new grass shoots from growing. Using a Scarifier will also help to remove some of the moss from amongst the grass. We recommend doing this either in early Spring or Autumn and although it may make your lawn look worse in the short term as soon as the new grass shoots emerge it will be much healthier, yielding better results in the long term.


Our rang of chippers are perfect for when you're having a clear-out of your garden and need to break those large branches/shrubs down to a manageable size. Similarly shredders can convert left over plant waste to compost size, excellent for for saving yourself money on compost bags and not needing to put as much in your brown bin!

Wheeled Strimmers

Wheeled Strimmers are excellent for accessing hard to reach areas of your garden that are otherwise inaccessible to regular mowers. They can quickly clear all manner of overgrown plants and weeds in a much shorter time than handheld strimmers and brushcutters.

TEXAS Rotavator
Texas cultivator

Texas Rotavators are both rugged and reliable, powered by Briggs & Stratton engines they offer extremely good value for money with a long life time. The smaller Hobby range are light-weight yet versatile, ideal for small to medium sized gardens.  We also supply the more powerful Texas Rotavators preferred by professional gardeners and landscapers alike. All of the machines benefit from height adjustable grip and ergonomicaly designed handles.

DR logo
DR wheeled trimmer
DR wheeled trimmer

For effortless vegetation clearance look no further than our selection of DR wheeled strimmers. Powered by Briggs & Stratton engines they can cope with both domestic and commercial jobs far more efficiently than even top of the range brushcutters. Large wheels and lightweight design enable these strimmers to tackle some of the toughest terrain with ease. 

Mountfield rotavator
MOUNTFIELD petrol scarifier

Mountfield stock both Rotavators and scarifiers. As a household favourite Mountfield are well known for delivering machines made to last. At Lawncare we can order in any of their fantastic range, providing for all budgets. 

Echo bearcat chipper
Echo bearcat chipper

Providing both domestic and professional chippers and shredders Echo Bearcat are solid, durable machines capable of dealing with most wood and plant waste. They are particularly useful to use when hedge pruning, reducing the mount of waste to a more manageable size ideal for turning into compost. These shredders are a firm favourite among gardening contractors and re highly recommended by those who purchase them.